Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive solutions to your business challenge in furniture and woodwork

Furniture industry is in its infancy. Anyone who is looking at venturing into this sector face a lot of challenges:

  • Dearth of knowledgeable people to provide guidance
  • Lack of a comprehensive ecosystem and outlook
  • Selection and procurement hassles for raw materials
  • Product development, are only a few of those.

At R SQUARE, we look at comprehensive approaches that help furniture and woodwork businesses grow at a sustainable speed. We believe in creating a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem with the help of:

  • Plant location based on kind of product being manufactured
  • Plant planning including machine layout, material handling and movement
  • Design of the factory masterplan with individual factory building design and layout
  • Selection of machines for the plant
  • Setting up manufacturing systems with ERP
  • Organization structure of the plant and JDs of people to be hired
  • Product Design, development and planning
  • Sourcing raw materials from India and across the globe
  • Market analysis
  • Brand building and marketing services

Sandeep Mukherjee, comes with more than 30 years of experience in Furniture design, manufacturing and woodwork . Being a Furniture Design graduate from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad helped him in looking at design as a problem solving approach more than just at an aesthetic value level . He believes that Design Thinking is the only way to bridge the gap between what the users expect and what the manufacturers are capable of producing. He sees himself as the advisor to a furniture manufacturer who is unaware of the challenges that lie ahead him when he is looking at launching his products in the massive Indian market. He helps in developing products, getting them into production using appropriate technology, and helping market them in the right manner.

Sandeep’s immense knowledge about wood and design can help any furniture brand emerge as a great player. His advice for all the entrants in this area is:

“Be open to learning about the subject of wood and other natural materials. Enter into workshops conducted by the timber councils to gain more knowledge about timber species that are not known to you. There is no quick way to gathering knowledge.

Think manufacturing, not just mechanised carpentry workshops. Avoid shortcuts, and remember that bad quality is expensive! Focus and understand the market; it is critical to plan properly before jumping into manufacturing. Buying a few machines and setting up a workshop is easy, running it consistently and making profits is the hard part.”