Good design is good business. Wise words from Thomas Watson Jr. and ones that we at R SQUARE put in action in our design thinking process. As design drives businesses, we make it our business to do good design.

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No longer an option, digital is now part of every marketers' arsenal. At R SQUARE we help amplify your brand on digital, add a significant footprint and achieve the objectives that you set out for us. Lot easier said than done.

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Marketing is integrated. Creating a connect between offline and online is a function of understanding and execution. R SQUARE's inhouse events team create value-driven experiences for their customers. And their customer's customer

Some of the event intellectual properties created by us are featured here.

At R SQUARE, we look at comprehensive approaches that help furniture and woodwork businesses grow at a sustainable speed. We believe in creating a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem with the help of:

Plant location based on kind of product being manufactured ...